Wednesday, April 16, 2014

02/05/2014: M Cubed Technologies, Inc. Announces New Product at Photonics West 2014

M Cubed Technologies, Inc. Announces New Product at Photonics West 2014
Directly polishable Silicon Carbide provides a cost effective solution to meet lightweight, athermal mirror requirements

Newtown, CT, —5 February, 2014—M Cubed Technologies, Inc. a subsidiary of II-VI Incorporated (NASDAQ: IIVI), announced its OptiMum™ Directly Polishable Silicon Carbide (SiC) product line this week at the 2014 Photonics West Show in San Francisco.
The new product offers significant product advantages for the next generation of optical systems, by combining the benefits of high stiffness, low density, high thermal conductivity, low CTE, and dimensional stability, with the unparalleled capability for direct polishing.  The complex shape geometries available from M Cubed should afford significant design advantages, particularly for those applications requiring thin walled ribbed mirrors, internally cooled optics, and thermally matched metering structures and housings.
According to M Cubed Technologies, Inc.  General Manager, Brian Monti, “We were very pleased with the results obtained by the OptiMum™ products we started shipping in the fourth quarter of calendar 2013.   This new product line is ideally suited for high energy laser optics applications as a replacement for copper alternatives, as well as a cost effective solution to replace ceramics requiring expensive surface preparations to achieve optical flatness specifications. Our line of OptiMum™ products will be supplied directly to M Cubed OEM customers as well as through the II-VI IR and II-VI LWOS Divisions, where it will be finished to customer specifications and incorporated into engineered opto-mechanical solutions.”

The OptiMum™ products are available in a wide range of customer specified sizes and shapes.  For more information about this new product, visit the II VI / M Cubed Technologies booth #4831 or visit
About M Cubed Technologies, Inc.
M Cubed Technologies, Inc. develops and markets advanced composite materials serving the semiconductor, display, industrial and defense markets.

About II-VI Incorporated
II-VI Incorporated, a global leader in engineered materials and opto-electronic components, is a vertically-integrated manufacturing company that creates and markets products for diversified markets including industrial manufacturing, optical communications, military and aerospace, high-power electronics, semiconductor laser and thermoelectronics applications. Headquartered in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, with manufacturing, sales, and distribution facilities worldwide, the Company produces numerous crystalline compounds including zinc selenide for infrared laser optics, silicon carbide for high-power electronic and microwave applications, and bismuth telluride for thermoelectric coolers.

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